2018 PRCA Media Guide

About the PRCA

Judges. There are at least two judges at every PRCA rodeo who have attended judging seminars and are trained to ensure that all results of competition and livestock welfare are followed. During the timed events, each judge has a different role; during the roughstock events, the judges are on opposite sides of the cowboy and animal, watching for the cowboy’s control of the ride and how well his timing is synced with the animal’s bucking motion, among other scored aspects of a ride that can be different on the two sides. Contract personnel. The noncontestant personnel working a rodeo include the bullfighters, who help bull riders escape from powerful rodeo bulls; the barrelmen, clowns and specialty acts, who entertain the crowds; pickup men, who help bareback and saddle bronc riders dismount, then prepare and assist bucking stock to leave the arena; announcers, who call the action; arena secretaries, who handle extensive administrative duties; and timers, who operate the clocks for the timed and roughstock events. Read more about some of these types of contract personnel in the Announcers, Clowns/Bullfighters/Barrelmen and Specialty Acts chapters of this book. Committees. Local rodeo committees organize the PRCA-sanctioned rodeos held across the continent. Most are run by dedicated groups of volunteers whomake the rodeos work frombehind the scenes, procuring local sponsors for events, awards and programs; setting up safe facilities; staffing various functions and making the contestants and attendees feel at home. Many PRCA rodeos are broadly involved in their communities in both service and fundraising areas. For a list of 2017 PRCA-sanctioned rodeos by state, see the Records and Statistics chapter of this Media Guide. Charities. PRCA-sanctioned rodeos annually raise more than $16 million for local and national charities, from college scholarships for local students to the Tough Enough toWear Pink campaign against breast cancer. Contact the PRCA Media Department at 719.528.4772 for more information. FanZone. The ProRodeo FanZone is the official membership programof the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. Membership benefits include: free entry into the HOF; a PSN subscription; HOF event tickets; FanZone member-only belt buckles; exclusive contests and giveaways and a welcome package containing a variety of FanZonemerchandise and other exclusive items fromPRCA national sponsors. Learnmore at ProRodeoFanZone.com. Sponsors. The PRCA’s loyal national sponsors support all aspects of rodeo, from entire events like the NFR and RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo to the Montana Silversmiths gold buckles awarded to world champions each year. Read more in the PRCA National Partners chapter of this book. Sponsors also help defray the costs of producing rodeos and support contestants in their efforts to climb the ranks of ProRodeo. Demographics. The PRCA’s loyal rodeo attendees across the U.S. are about 47 percent male and 53 percent female; 51 percent have household income of $50,000 or more and 77 percent of rodeo TV viewers own their homes. ProRodeo fans come from all walks of life, but as a group, they are demographically similar to NASCAR fans, and are likely to also enjoy hunting, fishing and camping. ProRodeo.com. The PRCA maintains a website with the latest news stories, world standings, rodeo results, cowboy and livestock bios, and tons of other information. The PRCA also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ProRodeoTV.com In 2017, the PRCA launched the subscription-based digital platform to allow subscribers to watch live and archived PRCA-sanctioned rodeos. ProRodeoTV livestreamed the 2017 NFR to more than 50 countries worldwide and will livestream the 2018 NFR, along with 13 broadcasts of the Wrangler ProRodeo Tour. Television. Along with ProRodeoTV, CBS Sports Network telecasts all 10 performances of the NFR each December. In 2018, the Wrangler ProRodeo Tour, Justin Tour Finale, RAM NCFR and the All American ProRodeo Finals will be telecast by CBS or livestreamed on ProRodeoTV or the Wrangler Network. Social Media Policy. Livestreaming of any kind, whether through such platforms as Facebook Live, Periscope, or any software sharing similar purposes, is prohibited. The PRCA is the sole distributor of any and all rodeo content, and violation will be subject to review and possible legal action. The PRCA has implemented a 90-second time limit on video content taken either by a contestant or a fan. The time limit is attached to a single rodeo performance, whether that be one video clip or multiple clips. Due to the advancements in social media video streaming, the PRCA must begin to enforce this bylaw now at our PRCA rodeos.



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