2019 PRCA Rule Book

PROFESSIONAL RODEO COWBOYS ASSOCIATION BYLAWS CHAPTER 1 ** GENERAL ** B1.0 Definitions and Construction. B1.0.1 Definitions. As used in these Bylaws and the Official Rodeo


Rules, the following words and phrases have the given meanings. Words and phrases defined elsewhere in these Bylaws and the Official Rodeo Rules have the meanings so given to them. B1.0.1.1 “Active Member” means a Member who has submitted and signed a membership application or renewal form and who is in good standing and has paid the requisite dues, fees, and/or insurance premiums for the current Dues Paying Year to the PRCA National Office. B1.0.1.2 “Bylaws” means these Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Bylaws, as they may be amended from time to time.” B1.0.1.3 “Card Member” means an individual who is either a Contestant Card Member or a Noncontestant Card Member of the PRCA, or both. B1.0.1.4 “Competition Eligible” means a Member who has satisfied all requirements to compete in a PRCA- approved rodeo or event. B1.0.1.5 “Conflict” means a situation where a contestant is positioned to compete on the same day, in the same or any other PRCA-event, during the first go-round of two or more PRCA rodeos, unless specifically stated otherwise. B1.0.1.6 “Contestant Card Member” means an individual who has satisfied the requirements set forth in Sections B2.3.1 and B2.3.5 of these Bylaws to advance from Permit Member status to Contestant Card Member status and who competes in one or more of the following events: bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, bull riding, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, team roping or steer roping. B1.0.1.7 “CPRA” means Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.



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