2019 PRCA Rule Book

B10.1.18 New Rodeo in Same Marketing Area as Existing Rodeo. A Rodeo Committee which is applying for approval as a PRCA- sanctioned event for the first time and whose rodeo is in the same marketing area as an existing PRCA-approved rodeo (established for at least two years) will not be approved by the Director of Rodeo Administration if any of the Rodeo Committees whose rodeos are in the marketing area object to such approval; however, if a Rodeo Committee so objects, the application may be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. For purposes of this Bylaw only, the Rodeo Committee of an existing PRCA- sanctioned event which applies to change the date of its event by more than two weeks from the corresponding date of the previous year shall be treated as a Rodeo Committee applying for approval for the first time. The Board may review the consequences of approving the rodeo after one or two years and may withdraw approval of the application at that time. B10.1.19 Performance-Preference. Each Rodeo Committee will have the option of requesting Non-Performance-Preference; the acceptance of that request is subject to approval by the Board of Directors. For Performance-Preference Rodeos, the following rules apply: B10.1.19.1 Request of Performance-Preference. A Rodeo Committee, if it so requests at time of approval, may specify “riding-event performance-preference,” “timed- event performance-preference,” “all performance- preference,” or “no performance-preference.” B10.1.19.2 Back-to-Back. Performance-Preference may be accepted in events approved for back-to-back. B10.1.19.3 Timed Events Features. In the timed events where the competition format is two go rounds back-to-back the same day, a Rodeo Committee may feature up to two contestants and move them into the performance from the slack after the performance only. The move must be done by 5 p.m. on the first business day following the first go-round trade deadline. B10.1.20 No Stock Charge for Permit Members. The Stock Contractor has the option to apply for a Ground Rule whereby Permit Members (in any event) would not be required to pay a stock charge. B10.1.21 Special Status. A Rodeo Committee may request, in its application for approval, Special Status as defined in Section B10.5.4 of these Bylaws. If such status is granted, that status must be reflected in PRCA Business Section listings for that rodeo. B10.1.22 Arena Advertising. Any advertising in an arena shall be subject to the control of the PRCA. B10.2 Special Considerations. Any Rodeo Committee which has an excessive number of entries may apply for special consideration at time of rodeo




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