2019 PRCA Rule Book

B10.2.8 Drawing Out of Contestants in the Slack. If approved at the time of rodeo approval, a Rodeo Committee may provide that all positions be drawn in accordance with Part 2 of the Official Rodeo Rules and all contestants drawn in the slack be automatically drawn out of the rodeo. B10.2.9 Dollar-Won Qualification. A Rodeo Committee, with the approval of the Director of Rodeo Administration and the Event Representative at the time of rodeo approval, may implement “Dollar-Won” qualification as provided in Official Rodeo Rules R1.2.14 and its subparts. B10.2.10 Co-Approval For Two or More Circuits. Rodeos that add $6,000 on or after January 1, 2017 and increased by 1% each January 1st thereafter, or less per event may request co-approval for one or more additional circuits. Criteria is as follows: a) must be a bordering circuit. b) rodeo must be within 100 miles of contestant’s home circuit. Money won will be counted as official earnings for his circuit standings/points as well as a circuit count. B10.3.1 Featured Events. For any new featured event, no PRCA required event shall have more or less money added to that event’s purse than is added to the purse of any other PRCA event at a PRCA- approved rodeo unless otherwise approved by the PRCA Board of Directors or the Director of Rodeo Administration. However, a Rodeo Committee shall have the option of adding money to the purse for up to three events selected by the Rodeo Committee to be its featured event or events in an amount that is up to double the base money added by the Rodeo Committee to the purses of the other PRCA events approved for the rodeo (such base added money in the other events shall not, for purposes of determining the double money, include those events whose purse is compensated for limited entries). The rodeo committee must provide equal money in the team roping to use this option. Any additional moneys which may be added in a featured event or events at the Rodeo Committee’s election shall not be considered by the Director of Rodeo Administration in the determination of the amount of “fair and just” money to be added by the Rodeo Committee to the purses of the other PRCA events. Moreover, any Rodeo Committee electing to increase the added purse money in a given event or events may not, without the approval of the PRCA Board of Directors, reduce the base added money for the other PRCA events held at its rodeo from that which was added by the Rodeo Committee to those events in the previous year.


B10.3 Purse Money.



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