2019 PRCA Rule Book

EXAMPLE FOR TWO GO-ROUNDS: A rodeo with four performances in four days has 25 Contestant Card Members entered and 40 Permit Members entered in a specific event. Said rodeo must accept all 25 Contestant Card Members entered, and at least enough of the Permit Members to make a total of 30 entries times two runs (or five Permit Members). For all events (except team roping), a rodeo accepting Permits Maximum must accept enough Permit Members to satisfy the requirements outlined in Section B10.5. However, a minimum of five permits must be accepted through a random draw. B10. Excess Entries. Stock Contractor/Rodeo Com- mittee/Rodeo Producer shall have the option of accepting all or any part of Permit Members that make up the excess entries. B10. Team Roping. Permits Maximum will not apply to the team roping event. B10. Limited Rodeos With Permits Maximum. At limited rodeos with Permits Maximum, if the number of Contestant Card Members exceeds the requirements for Permits Maximum, no Permit Member entries need be accepted. B10. Limited Rodeos-Number of Competitions. At limited rodeos, the number of competitions required per performance for Permits Maximum shall not exceed the per-performance limits set.



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