2019 PRCA Rule Book

B10.6 Local Entries.

B10.6.1 Eligibility. No local entries shall be accepted at PRCA-sanctioned events, except where local entries must be accepted pursuant to state law. It shall be the responsibility of the Rodeo Committee to inform the PRCA, in the application for rodeo approval, that state law requires local entries to be accepted at that event and to provide the PRCA with legal authority in support of such requirement. However, in no instance will local entries be accepted in the bull riding. All references to local entries set forth in these Bylaws or the Official Rodeo Rules shall apply only to those events which must accept local entries pursuant to state law and shall not be construed to allow a Rodeo Committee to accept local entries unless required by state law. Local entries must not be on the PRCA’s ineligible list and may compete at no more than one PRCA-sanctioned rodeo per year as a local entry. Collection of entry fees and related fees as charged Contestant Card Members or Permit Members for local entries shall be the responsibility of the Rodeo Committee. No local entry under the age of eighteen or the age of majority of the state of which he is a citizen (whichever is greater) will be accepted. The PRCA accepts no responsibility for property damage, personal injuries, or other claims arising from local entries participating in PRCA-sanctioned rodeos. Each local entry must sign a PRCA-approved release form. B10.6.2 Limited Rodeos. At limited entry rodeos, if local entries are accepted, all local entries will be accepted in addition to the maximum number of entries approved by the Rodeo Committee. B10.6.3 Insurance and Entry Fees. All local entries will be required to purchase an accident insurance policy for a premium of $15. This $15 premium and a $10 administrative fee per entry and entry fees and charges must be collected by the Rodeo Committee prior to entering the local entries with the Central Entry Office. B10.6.4 Entry With the Central Entry Office. The Rodeo Committee shall submit each local entry’s name, event and Social Security number to the Central Entry Office at such time as determined by the Central Entry Office. Verification of the Social Security number of each local entry is the responsibility of the Rodeo Committee. If a local team roper is partnered with a Contestant Card Member team roper, the local entry must be submitted with both partners’ names. Additionally the Contestant Card Member will be required to submit an official entry through the Central Entry Office according to the regular Central Entry Office procedure. B10.6.5 Ineligible List. Any local entry found to be on the PRCA ineligible list after he has competed will be fined an amount equal to prize money won by that contestant at that rodeo, plus his entry fees and charges. If found to be on the ineligible list after entering but before completion of the rodeo, such local entry shall be immediately disqualified.




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