2019 PRCA Rule Book

B10.6.6 Infractions. A Rodeo Committee accepting local entries will assume full responsibility for any fines related to infractions committed by the local entries. B10.7.1 Change in Original Approval. Any changes in the format of a rodeo approved by the Director of Rodeo Administration after original approval must be listed in the PRCA Business Section pursuant to the procedure set forth in Section B10.11 of these Bylaws. B10.7.2 Office for Arena Secretary. The Rodeo Committee shall provide office facilities for the Arena Secretary at the arena. Said facilities shall provide shelter and security for Arena Secretary equipment. B10.7.3 Contract Personnel. With the exception of riding groups and specialty act personnel under the age of majority, all Contract Personnel hired by a Rodeo Committee or Stock Contractor in connection with a PRCA-approved rodeo shall be Noncontestant Card Member-Contract Personnel. A Rodeo Committee, Rodeo Producer or Stock Contractor which hires non-Member Contract Personnel will be subject to a $1000 fine per rodeo, per individual hired, except in the case of Timers and pickup men. Using a non- Member Pickup Man or non-Member Timer will result in a fine of $250 per rodeo. B10.7.4 Contract Personnel Salaries. Although the PRCA has no established minimum salary for Contract Personnel, the PRCA expects each rodeo to pay fair salaries to Contract Personnel. One factor to be used in determining a fair salary shall be the size of a rodeo. B10.7.5 Judges. The PRCA shall assign judges for all PRCA events. The Rodeo Committee shall provide judges for all non-PRCA events held during a rodeo. B10.7.6 Judges’ Fees. A Rodeo Committee shall pay to the PRCA $225 per performance per judge. A Bull riding special section will be considered a performance and require an additional $225 per judge. This fee is in addition to the fees paid by the sponsors and contestants. Rodeo Committees will be charged an amount equal to the per diem paid per judge required to be at the rodeo prior to the day of the first performance or any days between performances in which no rodeo activity takes place. B10.7.6.1New Rodeos. Rodeo Committees of all new rodeos

B10.7 Rodeo Committee Procedures.

must deposit an amount equal to the judges’ fees in escrow with the PRCA no later than 30 days prior to the first performance of that rodeo.



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