2019 PRCA Rule Book

B10.7.6.2Established Rodeos. All established rodeos must pay judges’ fees within 60 days from the date of the statement billing such fees. Failure to pay judges’ fees by the prescribed deadline shall result in a $25 fine per month such payment is delinquent. Additionally, any rodeo which fails to pay judges’ fees by the prescribed deadline shall be required to deposit judges’ fees in escrow with the PRCA no later than 30 days prior to the first performance of the following year’s rodeo. B10.7.7 Provide Ambulance. The Rodeo Committee shall cause an ambulance, licensed in the jurisdiction where the rodeo is held and fully approved to transport patients, to be at the rodeo arena during all performances and slack, and shall further ensure that adequate first-aid services are available for all performances and slack. Any Rodeo Committee failing to comply with this rule will be subject to a $1,000 fine per performance and/or section of slack for which the Rodeo Committee is in violation. B10.7.8 Provide Veterinarian. A Rodeo Committee shall ensure that a veterinarian is present and on site for every performance and/or section of slack. Any Rodeo Committee failing to do so shall be subject to a fine of $500 per performance and/or section of slack per rodeo. B10.7.9 Post Ground Rules. Any approved Ground Rules for an individual rodeo must be posted in the Arena Secretary’s office during the rodeo. B10.7.10 Access of Members to Rodeo Grounds. Any Noncontestant Card Member-Rodeo Committee receiving PRCA rodeo approval shall allow any PRCA Member (including Permit Members if that rodeo accepts Permit Member entries) access to rodeo grounds if valid PRCA membership card is presented, unless at time of application for approval, said Rodeo Committee requests special exclusion of the rule requiring admittance of all PRCA Members. Each contestant and contract personnel member will receive, upon his entry for reporting to fulfill his contract, an extra tax- free seat and gate pass for all performances. If seat tickets are required, contestants must obtain said ticket from the Arena Secretary. B10.7.11 Access to Arena. No person shall be allowed in the arena during a rodeo performance unless entered in an event, or unless he has signed a PRCA-approved waiver releasing the Rodeo Committee, Stock Contractor and Rodeo Producer from liability. This rule shall be enforced by the arena director. B10.7.12 Access of PRCAOfficers and Directors. Any officer or director of the PRCA shall have access to any part of the rodeo enclosure or arena when representing the PRCA on official business, provided that an official identification card is presented.




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