2019 PRCA Rule Book

B10.8.2 Appearance of Member. No Member may be required to participate as a contestant or otherwise appear on any form of television, including pay, cable, subscription, closed-circuit or otherwise, radio, film or other visual and/or sound depiction in connection with any PRCA-approved rodeo, unless the person or entity seeking such participation or appearance by a Member first secures the PRCA’s prior consent. Legitimate news coverage shall be exempt. B10.8.3 Assistance to PRCA Television and Filming Coordinator. If a Rodeo Committee receives PRCA approval, the Rodeo Committee must comply with all requests made by the PRCA representative appointed by the PRCA to coordinate television and filming of approved rodeos. In addition, said representative will be empowered to enforce any applicable rules set forth in any applicable special notice. B10.9.1 Submissions. All PRCA Arena Secretaries are required to use the PRCA Secretary System software, except at PRCA rodeos that require other systems. Each completed rodeo is to be uploaded to the PRCA Office no later than 10:00 am the morning following completion of the final performance of a rodeo. Failure to abide by this Bylaw shall result in a $100 fine. B10.9.2 Collect and Submit Fees and Local Entry Insurance Forms. Arena Secretaries are required to collect all entry fees and additional charges not already paid to the PRCA from all contestants entered at individual rodeos, and shall submit the local entry insurance forms for PRCA events to the PRCANational Office. B10.10.1 Cancellation After Announcement. Should a Rodeo Committee cancel its rodeo after announcement of the rodeo has been printed in the “Long Listings” of the PRCA Business Section as an approved rodeo, the approval fee and committee dues will be forfeited. B10.10.2 Cancellation Less Than 30 Days Prior to the First Performance. A Rodeo Committee agrees that, upon application for PRCA approval, if the rodeo is canceled by that Rodeo Committee (for reasons other than natural disasters) less than 30 days prior to the date of the first performance, said Rodeo Committee will pay to the PRCA National Office a sum equal to the purse money.


B10.9 Duties of the Arena Secretary.

B10.10Postponements and Cancellations.



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