2019 PRCA Rule Book

B10.10.3 Lack of Entries. If fewer than five contestants per performance are entered in an event, that event may be cancelled by the Rodeo Committee at the time entries close in that event. The minimum number of contestants shall be determined by multiplying five times the number of performances. Re-entries will not be taken in that event if the event is cancelled due to lack of entries. If an event is canceled because there are not enough entries, the purse money for that event may be used to put on an exhibition of competitions in that event. Purse money not paid for exhibitions will revert to the Rodeo Committee. Should the Rodeo Committee elect to have the event with fewer than 4 contestants entered, see R5.4.4 for special payoff. B10.10.4 Performance. A rodeo performance may not be postponed or canceled unless the Rodeo Committee chairman, Stock Contractor and a PRCA official agree that it would be a physical impossibility to hold the performance. In the event no PRCA official is present, a Contestant Card Member should represent the contestants. B10.10.4.1 Rescheduling. Only that performance or section of slack which had to be postponed will be rescheduled. Such postponed performance must be rescheduled within 48 hours or the start of the subsequent go-round, whichever comes first. B10.10.4.2 Draw outs. Contestants scheduled to compete in a performance or section of slack that is postponed will have the option to draw out. For this rule specifically, a rodeo performance or section of slack will be considered postponed when there is more than a three-hour delay from the scheduled start time of that performance or section of slack. B10.10.4.3 Order of Competition. In case of postponement, the order of competition for that postponed performance will be maintained exactly as drawn. Stock for the postponed performance will be redrawn for the timed events. B10.11 Publication of Notice. Unless otherwise stated, any notice through publication in the PRCA Business Section required under these Bylaws must be listed at least 15 days prior to the entry closing date of a rodeo.



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