2019 PRCA Rule Book

B11.1.1.2 Submission and Publication of Proposals by Competition Committee or Executive Councils. Notwithstanding the Submission Deadline stated in Bylaw B11.1.1.1, the Competition Committee, each of the Executive Councils and PRCA staff may also submit rule change proposals, which must be made in writing, state the reasons therefore and be received by the CEO no later than 5:00 p.m. Colorado time on the second Friday in April (the “April Submission Deadline”). Any such proposals shall be published in the PRCA Business Section no less than once per month along with the proposals published in accordance with Bylaw B11.1.1.1, and shall not be acted upon by the Competition Committee until the legislative meetings of the Competition Committee in the calendar year following the year in which the proposal is first published. A proposal which is received after that April Submission Deadline shall be considered with the proposals which are received prior to the corresponding April Submission Deadline in the following year. B11.1.2 Committee or Council Consideration. Once a proposal has been published in the PRCA Business Section in accordance with Bylaw B11.1.1, the Competition Committee or, in the case of a proposed change in the Ground Rules, the Contestant Executive Council, shall evaluate each properly submitted rule change proposal. The Committee or Council shall adopt, reject or table such a rule change proposal. The Committee or Council may amend or modify such rule change proposal before adopting, rejecting or tabling such proposal, or may propose and adopt, reject or table a rule change on its own without having to comply with the requirements of Bylaw B11.1.1. The Committee or Council shall table a proposal only if additional information is needed or desired before a decision is made, in which case the rule proposal can be tabled only until the next regularly scheduled meeting, at which meeting the Committee or Council must adopt or reject the proposal, if it is not withdrawn. If the Committee or Council does not act on a proposal as required herein, such failure shall be deemed a denial of the rule change proposal which may then be acted upon by the Board of Directors as though it were the final recommendation by the Competition Committee or the Contestant Executive Council, as the case may be.



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