2019 PRCA Rule Book

B11.1.4.1 Adoption or Amendment of an Existing Rodeo Rule on Initiative of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may, without prior action by the Competition Committee in accordance with Bylaw B11.1.2 (including with respect to proposals which have not been published in accordance with Bylaw B11.1.1), amend an existing Official Rodeo Rule or adopt a new Official Rodeo Rule, in the manner stated below. The Board may take such action by the affirmative vote or concurrence of at least seven Directors, provided that a quorum of at least five Contestant Representatives to the Competition Committee is present during the meeting of the Board of Directors where such proposal was adopted and that at least four such Contestant Representatives approve or concur in such proposal in a vote separate from that of the Board of Directors. For purposes of determining whether a quorum of Contestant Representatives is present, once five Contestant Representatives are all present at one time during the meeting, a quorum shall be deemed present for the remainder of the meeting; however, alternative representatives and proxies shall not be counted as Contestant Representatives in determining whether five Contestants are present. In connection with a vote by the Contestant Representatives, no alternative representative or proxy may vote on behalf of an absent Contestant Representative. B11.1.4.2 No Rule Changes Effective During Current Rodeo

Year. No rule changes shall be made so as to be effective during the current Rodeo Year, unless approved by four- fifths majority vote of the Board of Directors at a Board meeting. B11.2 Arbitration. Within 10 days of a Board decision to override the recommendation of the Competition Committee or Contestant Executive Council concerning a proposed change in the Official Rodeo Rules (but in no event later than September 25), upon the unanimous request of all four Contestant Directors to the Board of Directors (or such lesser number as may exist in the event of a vacancy) the dispute concerning the subject rule change proposal shall be submitted to a mandatory, binding, and expedited arbitration as set forth herein.



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