2019 PRCA Rule Book


B12.0 Release. As a condition of membership, all Member-participants in PRCA approved rodeos or approved Special Events affected in any manner whatsoever by a decision of the PRCA Board of Directors or any person or committee authorized by the PRCA Board of Directors to handle disciplinary matters, hereby releases the PRCA, PRCAP, their affiliated, related or subsidiary companies, their officers, directors, and employees, the Grievance Review Committee and its members, jointly and severally, individually and in their official capacity, of and from any and all claims, demands, damages and causes of action whatsoever, in law or equity, arising out of or in connection with any disciplinary decision or action by the PRCA, or by the individuals or committees to whom disciplinary matters may be authorized by the PRCA. B12.1 Agreement to Resolve Disputes Internally. As a condition of membership and in consideration thereof, each Member agrees that any disagreements or disputes (including protests of disciplinary actions taken or to be taken against such Member) with the PRCA, its affiliated entities, directors, officers, administrative staff and/or officials regarding an arguable misinterpretation or misapplication of the PRCA Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Official Rodeo Rules (including PRCA rodeo Ground Rules) or rules of Special Events or programs administered by PRCA Properties affecting such Member that are the proper subject matter for a grievance shall be resolved through the grievance procedures outlined in this Chapter. B12.1.1 Procedure Not To Be Used To Contest Judgment Calls.

The grievance procedures outlined below may not be used to challenge or contest actions of PRCA officials involving honest judgment calls made during rodeo competition that are based on an official’s personal observation of the facts and circumstances to which the judgment call relates; rather, such judgment calls shall not be reviewable. However, an allegedly erroneous interpretation or application of the PRCAArticles of Incorporation, Bylaws, or Official Rodeo Rules (including PRCA rodeo Ground Rules) by a PRCA official shall be proper subject matter for a grievance, provided the facts and circumstances underlying such interpretation or application that are determined by the official based on his personal observations and judgments in the matter shall not be subject to question in connection with any such grievance.




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