2019 PRCA Rule Book

B12.3.3 Step 3. If the grievant is dissatisfied with the decision of the CEO under Step 2, he may then appeal the decision to the Grievance Review Committee. Such appeal must be submitted within ten calendar days after the grievant’s receipt of the decision letter of the CEO. In the event that the grievant’s Step 2 letter is deemed denied by reason of the CEO’s failure to reply to the grievant’s Step 2 letter within 15 calendar days following his receipt of said Step 2 letter, the grievant may appeal the matter to the Grievance Review Committee under this Step 3, which appeal shall in no event be submitted later than 30 calendar days following the grievant’s submission of his Step 2 letter to the CEO; otherwise, the grievance shall be deemed abandoned and there shall be no further right to pursue the subject matter of the grievance. The Step 3 grievance letter shall notify the Grievance Review Committee of the grievant’s desire for an appeal hearing on the matter. The Step 3 letter shall be addressed to the Chairman of the Grievance Committee in care of the CEO at the PRCA National Office. Said Step 3 letter shall briefly summarize the position of the grievant and, if applicable, shall state the reasons for his belief that the CEO reached an improper decision at Step 2. Within 30 calendar days after receipt of said Step 3 letter, the Chairman of the Grievance Review Committee shall appoint three or five members of the Grievance Review Committee to a Hearing Panel to hear and decide the grievance. The Chairman of the Grievance Review Committee shall promptly thereafter notify the grievant, in writing, of the members of the Hearing Panel, the date and time, and if the hearing is to be held in person, the location for said Member to be afforded an opportunity for a full hearing of his grievance. Any replacement of a Hearing Panel member shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Grievance Review Committee. The hearing shall be scheduled as soon as reasonably practicable following the receipt of the grievant’s Step 3 letter and, in all events, within 45 calendar days following receipt of said Step 3 letter unless the grievant agrees to a later date of the hearing that will better suit the convenience of the grievant, the Hearing Panel, the CEO, the Director of Rodeo Administration, any witnesses that may have information relevant to the determination of the grievance, and any third parties that may be affected by the Hearing Panel’s decision on the grievance who may wish to participate in the hearing. Following such hearing, the Hearing Panel shall issue a decision in the matter which shall be final and binding on all parties. A decision concurred in by a majority of the Hearing Panel members shall constitute the decision of the Hearing Panel.



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