2019 PRCA Rule Book


R1.1 Central Entry Office.

R1.1.1 Entries. All entries for PRCA events at PRCA-approved rodeos will be taken through the Central Entry Office, except local entries, which shall be governed by Section B15.6 of the Bylaws. Only Active Contestant Card Members, Permit Members or Life Members (and local entries where accepted) will be allowed to enter, provided that membership or permit dues and/or the appropriate group accident insurance premiums are received in the PRCA National Office no later than midnight one day prior to entry opening time of a given rodeo to allow time for processing. R1.1.2 Local Entries. Local entries will close and must be called in to the Central Entry Office by the Rodeo Committee or Stock Contractor prior to the advertised entry closing date and time as it appears in the PRCA Business Section. The Rodeo Committee or Stock Contractor must submit the Social Security Number of each local entry at this time. R1.1.3 Time Parameters. All rodeo entries and callbacks will be taken under Central Entry Office time parameters. All entry closing times are in Mountain Time. R1.1.4 Information. Information will be provided only with a valid and correct PRCA number. Information also is available to committeemen and local entries with proper identification. Riding event contestant positions will only be released to individual contestants prior to the scheduled stock callbacks. R1.1.5 Slack Order. For all slack, the Central Entry Office must be notified of a slack order (in the timed events only) on the first run of the cattle when entries close. If the Central Entry Office is not notified of a slack order when the entries close, they will post one prior to the position callbacks.




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