2019 PRCA Rule Book

R1.2 Entry in PRCA-Approved Rodeos or Events.

R1.2.1 Must Not Be Ineligible. In order to enter a PRCA-approved rodeo or event, a contestant must be Financially Eligible and Competition Eligible at time of entry opening. A contestant who is not Financially Eligible at entry opening may still enter on a contingent basis in the event he pays his outstanding financial obligations prior to entry closing time. If the contestant who is not Financially Eligible at entry opening fails to enter on a contingent basis, he shall not be allowed to enter after entry closing time in the event he pays all outstanding financial obligations prior to entry closing. Anyone drawn out of a rodeo at entry closing time due to ineligibility will not be reentered into the rodeo unless there has been a justifiable error which can be verified by the PRCA National Office. R1.2.2 Must Have Paid Dues. Contestants entering any rodeo with competition scheduled on or after January 1 of any calendar year must have paid dues for that Dues Paying Year, pursuant to Part R1.1.1, even if the entry opening time is set prior to or on December 31 of the prior Dues Paying Year. R1.2.3 Draw out Charge. Contestants drawn out of a rodeo due to inactive status will still be charged the $5 per rodeo Central Entry Office fee. R1.2.4 Valid, Correct Membership Numbers. Contestants, when entering, must have valid, correct PRCA membership numbers. R1.2.4.1 Contestants Responsible for Use of Membership Number. A contestant is responsible for any use of his PRCA membership number and all possible consequences related to its use. R1.2.4.2 Unauthorized Use of Membership Number. The unauthorized use of another Member’s membership number, or the use of another Member’s membership number for an unauthorized purpose, shall be a Class III Offense and shall result in a fine of $250 for the first offense, with the amount of the fine progressively doubling for each offense thereafter. R1.2.5 Enter by Entry Closing Time. All entries must be received by the Central Entry Office by entry closing time. The entry closing times appearing in the long listings of the PRCA Business Section shall be the official entry closing times and shall supersede any other information appearing elsewhere in the PRCA Business Section. R1.2.6 Commitment to Pay Entry Fees and Additional Charges. Unless drawn out due to ineligible or inactive status, or due to failure to meet qualifications, contestants without a legitimate doctor release or draw out are committed to paying entry fees and related charges at all rodeos they enter.



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