2019 PRCA Rule Book

R1.2.7 Grace Period. There will be a one-hour and thirty minute time period after the Central Entry Office has set up the rodeo to allow contestants to draw out or change preferences. Contestants must make any adjustments to their entry before the ninety minutes expire, unless a further extension of time is allowed by the Central Entry Office and Director of Rodeo Administration. R1.2.8 Additional Entries. A Stock Contractor or Rodeo Committee shall have the opportunity to add just enough contestants to make a contest, provided such additions are made within one hour after entry closing time. These added contestants must meet all eligibility rules of the PRCA. R1.2.9 Duplicate or Multiple Entries. In the instance of duplicate or multiple entries, the latest entry’s parameters and preference will be accepted. R1.2.10 Team Roping Entries. Team ropers who are entered but do not have partners at entry closing time will be deleted from the entry list. No positions will be drawn for a single entry. Team ropers deleted from the entry list pursuant to this Rule shall not be charged entry fees or additional charges. Contestants may enter only once. A Permit Member may team rope with a Contestant Card Member at any PRCA-approved rodeo. R1.2.11 Buddy System. A contestant may elect to use the buddy system, as described in Part R1.5, at the time of entry. R1.2.12 Parameters. A contestant may elect to impose parameters, as described in Part R1.6, at the time of entry. R1.2.13 Official Entry. Acontestant may designate a rodeo as an unofficial entry in accordance with Part R1.7. R1.2.14 Dollar-Won Qualification. A “Dollar-Won” qualification may be implemented in any or all events, whereby determination of qualifiers in the team roping, ranking of individual contestants shall be based on money won by the individual as a header and heeler combined. If a Dollar-Won qualification for a rodeo involves consideration from the current Rodeo Year, only those rodeos which end on or before 7 days prior to entry closing time shall be used in determining Dollar-Won qualifications for the current Rodeo Year (only those received and audited by the PRCA will be included). Contestant limits, except “Dollar Won” limits as governed by B10.2.9, must be accepted by mutual agreement of the Rodeo Committee, Stock Contractor, Rodeo Producer, Event Representative and Director of Rodeo Administration. The percentage of accepted entries in each category (world, circuit, random) will be determined in accordance with Rule R1.2.14.2 unless otherwise approved by the Event Representative. R1.2.14.1Contestants Exempt From Qualification. The following contestants may be exempt from the Dollar- Won qualification rule: A) Former World Champions in the event they are entering. B) Three-time NFR qualifiers in the event they are entering.




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