2019 PRCA Rule Book

C) NFR qualifiers in the event they are entering during any of the past three years. Those who have been injured a total of six months during and who have not entered and paid entry fees for the event in question at more than 20 rodeos in the previous year, but have met the qualification in the season two years prior. A letter from a physician stating that the contestant was unable to compete for those six months because of an injury or illness must be received by the PRCA National Office prior to entry opening time. No letters submitted in the previous year as a doctor release are acceptable. For circuit qualifications, an injury exemption will be considered, provided contestant did not enter and pay entry fees for more than five circuit rodeos in that event the previous year. Any specially-approved exemptions as may be listed in the Ground Rules and published in the long listings of the PRCA Business Section. Any contestant who is an active duty military personnel member who has not competed in the previous year(s), but has met the qualification his last year prior to beginning active service may file for a military exemption. A letter from a commanding officer stating that the contestant was active duty military must be received by the PRCA National Office prior to entry opening time. For a contestant to request NFR or World Champion exemption from qualification (per part A, B, C, or E of R1.2.14.1) that contestant must have been consecutively active every year since the latest NFR qualification or World Championship. At those rodeos where entries are determined by random draw, no exemptions will be allowed. Contestants utilizing any of the exemptions listed above must notify the Central Entry Office at the time of their entry. For first-year Members, the money won on a permit at PRCA rodeos in the previous year will count towards meeting the qualifications. R1.2.14.2No Entries as Locals. At qualification rodeos, Members must meet the qualifications to enter and may not enter as locals if locals are accepted at that particular rodeo. R1.2.14.3Money For Dollar-Won Qualifications. Official and unofficial money combined (as defined in Section R1.7) will be used in determining dollars won for qualification purposes. Circuit qualifications will use money won in that Circuit by that contestant. D) E) F) Former World All-Around Champions. G)



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