2019 PRCA Rule Book

R1.2.16 Remaining Positions. If any of the qualification categories are not filled by contestants with dollars won leaving open positions, the remaining openings will be filled by a random draw of card holders with zero dollars. If there are still open positions, all remaining openings will be filled by a random draw of permit holders with zero dollars. R1.3.1 Payment of Entry Fees and Charges. The allowed method of payment of entry fees will depend upon each Member’s credit status. The prefix of a Member’s membership number will contain either a “C,” indicating “credit;” an “N,” indicating “no credit;” an “F,” indicating “first-year member,” or a “P” indicating a Permit Member. R1.3.1.1 Accepted Forms of Payment. “C” Members and “F” Members shall be allowed to pay entry fees by personal check, in addition to other accepted forms of payment. All other Members must pay entry fees by cash, money order or certified funds. R1.3.1.2 Payment of Fees for Multiple Contestants. A “C” or “F” Member may pay the total amount of combined entry fees for himself and/or any other contestant by personal check, but he must identify, by writing the name(s) on the check, those individuals for whom he is paying. Said “C” or “F” Member cannot stand good for checks written by “P” or “N” Members or locals entries. R1.3.1.3 Check Cashing Privileges. A secretary may cash the check of a “C” or “F” Member. Said check may not exceed a total of $200 more than entry fees per contestant per rodeo. R1.3.1.4 Checks from Members Not Entered in a Rodeo. Arena Secretaries are not authorized to accept a check signed by any Member not entered in that particular rodeo. R1.3.1.5 Foreign Checks. No checks on non-U.S. banks will be accepted. R1.3.1.6 Payment Required. Unless drawn out due to ineligibility, inactive status or failure to meet qualifications, contestants without a legitimate doctor release or draw out are required to pay entry fees and related charges at all rodeos they have entered. R1.3.2.1 Event Representative. Any reference in the Chapter to an “Event Representative” shall mean the appropriate Contestant Representative to the Competition Committee. R1.3.2.2 Determination. Entry fees in all events shall be determined by the amount of added purse money plus any national sponsorship contributions. R1.3.2 Entry Fees.

R1.3 Entry Fees, Charges and Payment.



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