2019 PRCA Rule Book

Members using the “out if one go-round” parameter will be drawn out of (and will not be placed back into) the rodeo. R1.4.4 Steer Roping. Only rodeos with at least $1,000 added in the steer roping may have more than two long go-rounds. Only rodeos with at least $3,000 added in the steer roping may have more than three go-rounds. R1.5.1.1 Election. Persons wishing to use the Buddy System must specifically request this option at the time of entry. Persons wishing to buddy with another contestant or contestants must provide that contestant’s PRCA membership number to the Central Entry Office at the time of entry. If anyone in the buddy group later enters without providing the same buddy information, then the original buddy arrangement will be negated. R1.5.1.2 Limited Rodeos. Members of buddy groups that are entered at limited rodeos must state at time of entry if they wish to be drawn out if any or all of their buddies are not accepted. If contestants do not state, at time of entry, their preference to be drawn out if their buddies are not accepted, they will remain entered even though any or all of the rest of the buddy group may be drawn out. R1.5.2.1 Same Event. Contestants wishing to buddy must have exactly the same preferences and parameters and can buddy only in the same event. Any deviation shall negate the buddy arrangement. R1.5.2.2 Implementation. To the extent possible, up to four individuals, or two teams, entered under a buddy arrangement will be placed in the same performance. R1.5.2.3 Team Roping. In team roping only, teams shall be buddied team on team. If two teams are buddied, one team partner cannot buddy with another contestant in any other event unless that contestant is already a part of the two-team buddy group. R1.5.2.4 Split of Group. A buddy group may be split, creating at least one group of two, in order to keep a more even and balanced distribution of contestants in performances. A maximum of one buddy group per event may be split. R1.5.3.1 Requirements. The multi-event buddy system may be requested only for those events with one go-round, and only at those rodeos which are Performance-Preference Rodeos. At rodeos that have two go-rounds that are back-to-back, contestants may request the multi-event buddy system be used. A R1.5.2 Single Event Buddy. R1.5.3 Multi Event Buddy.

R1.5 Buddy System. R1.5.1 General.




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