2019 PRCA Rule Book

contestant or contestants competing in more than one event may request a “Multi-Event Buddy” in order to position themselves during the same performance or slack for all one go-round events entered, provided there are corresponding performances or slacks available in all one go-round events requested. A contestant requesting a “Multi-Event Buddy” may buddy with one other contestant, provided that both contestants enter at least one common event with one go-round only. Preferences for all events must be exactly the same. R1.5.3.2 Implementation. To the extent possible, up to two contestants (with at least one common event with one go-round only) under the Multi-Event Buddy arrangement will be placed in all events in the same performance or slack. R1.5.3.3 Valid Preferences. If a contestant requesting multi- R1.6.1 Event Specific. Any “out if” parameter imposed by a contestant on his entry must be event-specific. R1.6.2 Draw out of Another Event. A multi-event contestant may be allowed to draw out of one event by virtue of a parameter if drawn out of another event. (EXAMPLE: “Out if two in bareback, then draw me out of bull riding also.”). R1.6.3 Parameters Specifying “Out If Less Than.” “Out-if-less-than (specified number) of contestants” will only be accepted with the specified number stated in increments of five. (EXAMPLE: Out if less than 10, 15, etc.) For purposes of this Rule, the total number of contestants in an event shall include the contestant specifying the parameter. R1.6.4 Non-Priority Position Rodeos. Certain non-priority-position rodeos may be approved to accept a “not performance” preference. This will be valid only in events with one go-round. A “not-slack” preference will not be accepted. R1.6.5 Bull Riding at “If Limited” Rodeos. In the bull riding, at “If Limited” rodeos, contestants may attach an “Out if Not Limited” parameter to the entry, and must pay the $5 Central Entry Office charge if drawn out. R1.6.6 “Out If Slack.” At all rodeos an “Out If Slack” will be accepted as a parameter. Contestants so drawn out will be required to pay the $5 Central Entry Office charge. event buddy gives a preference that is not valid in all events with one go-round only, his preferences will be deemed invalid.

R1.6 Acceptable Parameters.



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