2019 PRCA Rule Book

R1.6.7 ReplaceMe. “Replaceme if I don’t get my performance-preference and if a replacement is available” will be accepted at time of entry. If a replacement is available, contestant will be drawn out of the rodeo. Replacement shall be defined as any contestant drawn out due to Permits Maximum or qualifications. If more contestants give this parameter than the number of available replacements, a random draw will determine which of the contestants is replaced. Replacements will be accepted as follows: (1) In a qualification rodeo, according to qualification procedures; and will be subject to preferences and parameters listed in the potential replacement’s original entry; and (2) otherwise, by random draw, and will be subject to preferences and parameters listed in the potential replacement’s original entry. A replacement who has given a “no preference” parameter at time of entry will be accepted if he is one of the first drawn in the random draw. R1.6.8 Not Performance As Second Preference. A contestant may give a “not performance” preference as a second preference at any Performance-Preference Rodeo. R1.6.9 Unofficial. At the time of entry a contestant may specify that a given rodeo be considered an unofficial entry if a certain number of go-rounds or entries occur. Examples: “unofficial entry if two head,” “unofficial entry if less than 40.” R1.7.1 Championship Points. Only money won at “official entry” rodeos will count for Championship Points. R1.7.1.1 All-Around Points. No more than 70 rodeos will be accepted as “official entries” for All-Around Points. Xtreme Bulls will not count in the All-Around Points. R1.7.1.2 Sponsor Points. All sponsor points will count at any rodeo, regardless of the “official” or “unofficial” designation. R1.7.1.3 Circuit Points. Circuit points and the requisite rodeo count for Circuit Finals Rodeo eligibility will count for those rodeos considered either an “official entry” or “unofficial entry” rodeo (excluding co-approved rodeos according to Bylaw B10.2.10). R1.7.2 Maximum Number of Official Entries. A contestant may enter as many PRCA-approved rodeos as desired. However, no more than the following number of rodeos will be accepted as official entries: Bareback Riding 100 Official Rodeos Saddle Bronc Riding 100 Official Rodeos Bull Riding No limit Tie-Down Roping 85 Official Rodeos Steer Wrestling 85 Official Rodeos Team Roping 65 Official Rodeos


R1.7 Official Entries.



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