2019 PRCA Rule Book

R1.7.2.1 Specification of Unofficial Entry. Any rodeo entered will be considered an “official entry” unless otherwise specified by the contestant at time of entry. Once positions are drawn, a contestant cannot change an “unofficial entry” to an “official entry”, unless Part R1.7.2.2 applies. R1.7.2.2 Positions in Riding Event Slack. At a rodeo where a riding event contestant is positioned in the slack, the designation will automatically change to “unofficial entry.” Riding event slack contestant may redesignate to “official entry” anytime prior to the scheduled time of stock verification. R1.7.2.3 Canadian Rodeos. The “official/unofficial” rules for entering Canadian rodeos will be the same as those outlined in this section except that the entry will be taken through CRES (Canadian Rodeo Entry System). R1.7.2.4 Redesignation of Canadian Rodeos. Timed event contestants entering a Canadian rodeo have the opportunity to redesignate to “unofficial entry” a conflicting rodeo (either Canadian or U.S. rodeo) up until the first turn out deadline of the rodeo that the contestant wishes to redesignate. All such redesignations must be done through the Central Entry Office. R1.7.2.5 Team Roping. In the team roping, the “official” rodeo count will be based on the combined total of heading and heeling entries. R1.7.3.1 Conflict Due to Qualification for Progressive Go- Round or Finals. A contestant who qualifies for a progressive go-round or finals, resulting in a conflict with another “official entry” rodeo at which he has not yet competed, may request that the Central Entry Office draw him out of the conflicting rodeo. This notification must be no later than the turn out deadline of his scheduled competition at the conflicting rodeo. Contestant shall pay $5 Central Entry Office charge. R1.7.3.2 Position in Multiple Rodeos on Same Day. If a contestant is entered in two rodeos, and is positioned in both rodeos on the same day, said contestant may designate one of the two rodeos as an “unofficial entry” rodeo, provided that a riding event contestant relays his decision to the Central Entry Office prior to the scheduled time of riding event stock verification. Timed event contestants have until the first turn out deadline of their specific event to declare a redesignation for the conflicting rodeo. In the team roping, both members of the team may request a redesignation if one member of the team meets the criteria outlined above.

R1.7.3 Conflicts.



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