2019 PRCA Rule Book


R2.1 Drawing. Positions and priority lists shall normally be drawn at the Central Entry Office. If drawn at a location other than the Central Entry Office, plastic poker chips must be used. R2.2 Placement. R2.2.1 Timed Events . In the timed events, contestants shall be placed at the bottom of the performance or slack they request, if they are drawn on the priority list to receive their preference. R2.2.2 Riding Events. In riding events, contestants shall be placed according to their position on the priority list, with performance positions filled first, and then placed into slack as performance positions become unavailable. R2.3 No Contestant to Compete on Two Head of Stock During Same Performance. No contestant will compete on two head of stock in the same event during the same performance, except for rerides in the riding events or reruns in the timed events, unless specially approved at time of rodeo approval. R2.4 No More Than One Scheduled Competition in Bull Riding Slack Per Contestant. At rodeos with $5,000 or more purse money in the bull riding, where bull riding is a two go-round contest, no contestant may be scheduled to compete twice in the slack. R2.5 Multiple Go-Rounds. For all events of a Performance-Preference Rodeo, and the timed events of a Non-Performance-Preference Rodeo, the positions shall be drawn for the first go-round, with the positions reversed for the second go-round. For second and subsequent go-rounds in the riding events of a Non-Performance-Preference Rodeo, as well as the third and subsequent go-rounds of all events in a Performance-Preference Rodeo, positions shall be drawn. R2.5.1 Scheduling Where Subsequent Go-Round is the Reversal of a Previous Go-Round. In those events where a subsequent go-round is the reversal of the previous go-round, if a go-round ends and the next one starts during the same performance, contestants finishing the go-round will be dropped off and start the next scheduled available competition time for their next head of stock. This same procedure will be followed if drawing of positions results in a contestant drawn twice for the same performance. R2.5.2 Commencement of Next Go-Round. Ago-roundmust be finished before the next go-round starts, with the following exceptions: A) Rerides in the riding events. B) Events with a go-round finishing and the next one starting during the same performance. C) Back-to-back.




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