2019 PRCA Rule Book

R2.8.4 Placement. After entries close, a master priority list will be drawn. The computer will start at the top of the priority list, placing contestants in the performance or slack of their first preference. If a contestant’s first preference is unavailable, he will not be placed in the performance or slack until the computer has considered the preference of every contestant on the list. Once every contestant has been considered, the computer then will go back to the top of the priority list and place contestants not placed into their first preference into their second preference, if available. R2.8.5 Filling of Available Positions. When a performance is filled for the contestant’s first and second preferences, he is to be held and placed where he is needed, along with those contestants with no preference. These contestants will be placed in performances and/or slack lacking contestants, in the order they appear on the priority list. The order they fill will be from the end to the start of the go-round in the timed events. Performances will be filled from the start to the end of the go-round, and then slack, in that same order, in the riding events. R2.9 Non-Performance-Preference Rodeos. At Non-Performance-Preference Rodeos, riding event contestants will be placed in the first performance first, in the order they are drawn on the priority list, then will be filled into slack positions as performance positions become unavailable. Timed event contestants will be placed from the bottom of the go-round to the top of the go-round in the order they are drawn on the priority list. Positions shall remain as drawn (may not be traded) for all go-rounds at Non- Performance-Preference Rodeos. R2.10 Contestant Verification for an Event with Two Sections. At rodeos having two sections of any PRCA event in the same performance, that rodeo’s Stock Contractor must notify the Central Entry Office of the number of sections prior to riding event contestant stock verification. If a rodeo has two sections of any PRCA event, a contestant in that event must verify, through the Central Entry Office, the section in which he will compete. Such verification may not be made before the riding event stock verification. R2.11 Late Arrival. Where there is more than one section of an event and a contestant arrives late for his section but alleges that the late arrival is due to an error by the Central Entry Office, he shall be able to compete on his stock if he has a Central Entry Office confirmation number. However, the judges will investigate the allegation as soon as possible. If the Central Entry Office is not responsible for the error, contestant will forfeit any money, points or awards won and will be fined $250.




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