2019 PRCA Rule Book

R2.12 Trading Positions.

R2.12.1 Second and Subsequent Go-Rounds [Trading Positions]. At Performance-Preference Rodeos, positions in subsequent go-rounds may be traded by contestants upon obtaining, from the Arena Secretary, a trade form and submitting said form to Arena Secretary prior to the specified deadline. At no time will a contestant be allowed to trade, man-for-man or into an open position, within the same section of slack or within the same performance. Arena Secretaries may trade a contestant into an open position created by a turn out, doctor release, visible injury or draw out, provided this is done prior to the time indicated below. A trade to an open position which would move a contestant from a performance to a section of slack will not be allowed, nor will a trade to an open position within the same performance or section of slack be allowed. No second go-round trades will be allowed if an event is back-to-back. A contestant will be allowed only two trades for each of the second or subsequent go-rounds. R2.12.1.1Deadline for Timed Events. The deadline for submitting the trade form to the Arena Secretary in the timed events shall be no later than when the last time of the first go-round is recorded, except that, where a split performance ends a go-round, the deadline shall be the end of the prior performance or section of slack. R2.12.1.2Deadline for Riding Events. The deadline for submitting the trade form to the Arena Secretary in the riding events shall be prior to the stock draw. R2.12.2 Conflict Due to a Finals. If a contestant qualifies for the finals of a rodeo, and that contestant is scheduled to compete on the same day as the finals in another conflicting rodeo with added purse money of $3,000 or more in the event that contestant entered, the contestant will be moved forward at the conflicting rodeo to the first available position, where possible, provided that the contestant notifies the Central Entry Office or the Arena Secretary of the conflicting rodeo of the conflict no later than the turn out deadline for his originally scheduled performance at the conflicting rodeo. If there are no available positions for the contestant to be moved forward, the contestant will not be moved. This Rule shall not apply where the contestant creates the conflict by trading from his originally drawn position in the second or subsequent go-round at the conflicting rodeo. (Trading in the first go-round through PROCOM does not apply.) Once a contestant has been moved because of this conflict, he shall not be entitled to trade that position.



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