2019 PRCA Rule Book

R2.12.3.5Conflict with Second or Subsequent Go-Round. A contestant may trade position in the first go-round of a PRCA-sanctioned rodeo if the scheduled competition time of that rodeo is in conflict with his scheduled competition time in that same or any other event during the second or subsequent go-round of another PRCA- sanctioned rodeo approved as Non-Performance- Preference or approved for no trading in the second or subsequent go-rounds. R2.12.3.6Conflict with Potential Finals. In all events, if a contestant draws up at a rodeo during a performance which will conflict with an upcoming short go-round, that contestant may use the first go-round trade option even though the short go-round qualifiers at the potentially conflicting rodeo are not yet established. The second person who agrees to participate in the trade will not be entitled to move at the conflicting rodeo should he qualify for the short go-round. R2.12.3.7Conflict at Rodeos with $5,000 or More Added. At

rodeos with $5,000 or more added, contestant(s) who are positioned and conflicted at another PRCA Rodeo with $5,000 or more added, may turn out by 3:00 PM the first business day after the trade deadline and will be replaced by another contestant(s) who entered the rodeo but was drawn out due to the qualification process. (A) Replacement order will be the same as the qualification process. (B) If replaced, contestant(s) which are replaced will not be responsible for entry fees or turn out fines. If not replaced, original contestant(s) must pay entry fees and any applicable fines. (C) If contestant(s) turn out and are replaced under the aforementioned parameters, the rodeo will be designated unofficial. R2.13 Competition Discrepancy. When a contestant arrives at a rodeo prepared to compete at a performance or slack other than what is listed on the information provided each Arena Secretary from Central Entry Office, and he alleges that his arrival is due to an error by the Central Entry Office, he shall be able to compete on his stock if he has a Central Entry Office confirmation number. However, the judges will investigate the allegation as soon as possible. If the Central Entry Office is not responsible for the error, contestant will forfeit any money, points or awards won and will be fined $250.




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