2019 PRCA Rule Book


R3.1 General.

R3.1.1 Drawing. All stock in contest events not drawn at the Central Entry Office must be drawn by number by a judge, using plastic poker chips. Stock draws must be conducted so that any entrant may witness the draw, provided that a judge may require any individual who does not maintain businesslike behavior to leave the draw area. R3.1.1.1 Drawing or Competing on Same Head of Stock. No contestant may compete on or draw the same head of stock twice at any one rodeo in the same event, except in the case of a reride in the riding events or a rerun in the timed events in the same go-round. R3.1.1.2 Competing on Stock Drawn. A contestant must compete on the stock drawn for him unless he has been awarded a reride or rerun by the judges. Each contestant shall be responsible for knowing which stock they are to compete on. In the Riding Events, competing on an animal not drawn for that contestant will result in a disqualification. R3.1.2 Mount Money Charges for Turn outs. If a contestant turns out in accordance with Part 6 of the Official Rodeo Rules, and if exhibition animals are necessary, such contestant may be required to pay mount money charges. R3.1.3 Final Go-Round. In a final go-round, stock shall be drawn and assigned in reverse order, with the lowest qualifier receiving stock drawn first and the highest qualifier receiving stock drawn last. R3.1.4.1 Misdraw Defined. Any animal drawn to a contestant which must be replaced will be considered a “Misdraw”. R3.1.4.2 Herd Defined. In the timed events, “Herd” shall be defined as those animals designated prior to the start of the first go-round to be used in a given event. Once a Herd has been established for a rodeo, no animals may be added to the Herd. R3.1.4.3 Extra Defined. In the timed events, if pens are drawn R3.1.4 Misdraws.


from the pre-designated Herd, at least one more animal than the number of contestants should be drawn to be used in the case of a Misdraw. Following the cattle draw, that animal (or animals) remaining shall be considered the “Extra(s)”. In case the Extra(s) are not used for that given performance or section of slack, said Extra shall be placed with those animals not already included in a competition draw or a pen draw, unless the subsequent pen ends the run on the cattle.



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