2019 PRCA Rule Book

R3.1.4.4 Four Misdraws. If four or more head are Misdraws, all unused stock shall be put back in the draw box and redrawn. R3.1.4.5 Misdraw Discovered Prior to a Performance or During Slack. In case of a Misdraw discovered prior to a performance, or any time during the slack: A) If one or more Extras are available, all animals not competed on below the Misdraw up to the end of the run on the cattle shall be eligible to be drawn. One animal is drawn, that being the animal assigned to the contestant with the Misdraw. The contestant who originally had that animal will be assigned the Extra. All other contestants will be assigned the animals originally drawn for them. If no Extras are available, all unused animals below the Misdraw up to the end of the run on the cattle shall be eligible to be drawn, with the last unused animal drawn in that run designated the Extra. R3.1.4.6 MisdrawDiscoveredAfter the Start of a Performance. In case a Misdraw is discovered after the start of a paid performance: A) If an Extra is available, the contestant involved will automatically be assigned the Extra, regardless of a possible difference in runs on the cattle. If no Extras are available, the contestant involved will not compete as scheduled, but shall compete later in the performance or immediately after. A replacement animal will be drawn from all animals left in the run. If a contestant is scheduled at the end of a run and no animals are available from that run, one will be drawn from the Herd. R3.1.5 Tie-down Roping, Steer Wrestling, and Team Roping Draw If One Animal For Every Entry. At rodeos where there is one animal for every entry, the Event Representative shall establish the Herd and shall also designate those animals which shall be deemed Extras, but not part of the original Herd. Once the Herd is established, one animal will be drawn per each contestant in the go-round. Those animals not drawn will be considered sleepers. The sleepers will not be included in the draw for the next go-round as a replacement for an injured, sick or sulking animal. R3.1.6 Furnishing Tie-Down Roping Animals. At all tour rodeos, the Rodeo Committee must be responsible for furnishing one tie-down roping animal for every entry in the tie-down roping. All tie-down roping animals have to be approved by the event representative. If tie-down roping animals are not approved by the event representative, the Rodeo Committee will be fined $25 for every animal per entry. B) B)

R3.2 Riding Events.



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