2019 PRCA Rule Book

R3.2.1 Turn out. Stock shall not be drawn for a riding event contestant if he has notified the Central Entry Office prior to the stock draw that he will turn out (as defined in Part 6 of these Official Rodeo Rules) in that go-round. R3.2.2 No Animal May Be in the Draw Twice on the Same Day. In all riding events, stock cannot be placed in the draw twice in the same day, with the exception of rerides, unless approved by event representative and the Director of Rodeo Administration. The designated reride must be different from those animals competed on that given day. Failure to abide by this Rule will subject the offending Stock Contractor to a $250 fine per animal so used. R3.2.3 Animals Used in Slack. If a riding event animal is drawn for the slack twice at a given rodeo, that same animal must be included in the performance draw at least once. If 15 or more animals are used in a performance, any rodeo may have an animal in the slack three times before it has to be in a performance. Failure to comply with this Rule will result in a fine imposed on the Stock Contractor of $50 per animal so used. R3.2.4.1 Submission of List of All Riding Event Stock For a Particular Rodeo. The Stock Contractor must submit a list of his riding event stock to the Central Entry Office at a time agreed upon by the Stock Contractor and the Central Entry Office, such time to be prior to the start of the first go-round (such time to be early enough to allow compliance with Rule R3.2.5). Failure to submit this list on time shall result in a $250 fine for the first offense, and a $500 fine for second and subsequent offenses. R3.2.4.2 Submission of List of Riding Event Stock For a Particular Rodeo With $5,000 or More Added Purse Money. Rodeos which add $5,000 or more purse money in a riding event at a PRCA-approved rodeo must have the list of riding event stock available for review by the Event Representative at the Central Entry Office at least 24 hours prior to stock call back for the event or events to which $5,000 or more purse money is added. Failure to submit this list by the prescribed time shall result in a $400 fine. R3.2.4.3 Notification of Each Animal’s Ownership. The Primary Stock Contractor of a rodeo must notify the Central Entry Office of each individual riding event animal’s ownership prior to the start of the rodeo. Any Primary Stock Contractor failing to comply with this Rule shall be fined $25 per head of stock not reported. R3.2.5 Draw for Rerides and First Go-Rounds. Stock for rerides and first go-round must be drawn, in its entirety, a minimum of 72 hours prior to the start of the first go-round, unless otherwise approved by the Event Representative and the Director of Rodeo Administration at time of rodeo approval. R3.2.4 Central Entry Office Stock Notifications.




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