2019 PRCA Rule Book

R3.2.7.1 Selection. Selection of individual riding event stock for a final go-round in that event will be accomplished by a mutual agreement among a Riding Event Representative or his duly designated appointee, the Primary Stock Contractor, and a judge designated by the Supervisor of Rodeo Judges. The Supervisor of Rodeo Judges may designate a different judge for each event. At least two head of additional stock will be available for rerides. Rerides for the short go-round will be designated by the Event Representative or his appointed representative. The order of the rerides may be set by the Event Representative or his appointed representative. R3.2.7.2 Qualification of Stock for Finals. In the riding events, any animals designated for the finals go-round must be drawn at least one time in regular competition at that rodeo in that event unless otherwise approved by the Event Representative. R3.2.8 Admission For Slack. If admission is charged for slack in the riding events, the slack contestants must draw at the entire Herd, unless otherwise approved by the Event Representative. R3.3.1 Turn out. Stock shall not be drawn for a contestant if he has notified the Central Entry Office prior to the turn out deadline that he will turn out, as defined in Part 6 of these Official Rodeo Rules, in that go-round, or has been disqualified. If additional timed event cattle are needed, cattle to be competed on will be drawn from those remaining in that performance’s pen, with a record of the times and names of persons competing on these cattle posted for reference. These cattle will be considered run for purposes of determining the number of runs per animal. R3.3.2 Pens of Stock. R3.3.2.1 Drawing Pens. No pens of stock in the timed events may be drawn for more than one day in advance. Pens of stock shall be drawn by a judge, but if a judge is not available at the time it is necessary for a pen of cattle to be drawn for the first section of competition, the Primary Stock Contractor and secretary may draw that pen, preferably with a timed event contestant to witness the draw. R3.3.2.2 Stock Selected for a Pen But Not Used. Stock already drawn for a pen, but not drawn for competition, shall be placed with those animals not already included in a competition draw or a pen draw. R3.3.2.3 Back to Back Rodeos. At back-to-back rodeos, the

R3.3 Timed Events.


number of animals in each slack pen will be the same as the number of animals in each performance pen, provided that an adequate number of cattle is available.



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