2019 PRCA Rule Book

R3.3.2.4 Progressive Go-Round. The Event Representative has the authority to eliminate cattle from being used in the progressive go-round provided there is at least one animal for each contestant advancing to the progressive go-round. R3.3.3.1 Procedure. Stock shall be drawn by a judge of the particular event (provided he is not contesting in that event) not more than one-and-one-half hours before the performance or section of slack. The arena secretary shall provide the judge with an exact copy of the draw. R3.3.3.2 No Stock to Be Held Over. In timed events, no drawn stock can be held over from one performance to the next or overnight. R3.3.3.3 Stock Drawn One Run and One Go-Round at a Time. Stock shall be drawn one run and one go-round at a time. All cattle in the Herd will be run one time before any cattle will be run twice, etc. except for a back-to- back performance rodeo. When this procedure becomes impossible due to a split performance, the draw will include remaining cattle that have been competed on the least number of times. Immediately after a split performance, the draw will then revert to the cattle that have been competed on the least number of times. Any animal drawn will be considered competed on. Extras may be added only if competed on an equal number of times at that rodeo, unless otherwise approved by the Event Representative. R3.3.3.4 Sleepers In The Steer Roping. Sleepers may be used only in the Steer Roping. Prior to the stock draw for the first go-round, the Event Representative or his appointed designee shall establish the Herd and shall also designate those steers which are acceptable for competition but are not part of the Herd. The Event Representative shall also assign an order by which these acceptable steers which are not part of the Herd may be used as Extras in accordance with this Rule. Once the stock draw is complete for an entire go-round, those animals which are part of the Herd but which have not been drawn for a contestant shall be considered the sleepers. At the conclusion of the stock draw, an order will be drawn for the sleepers to be used as Extras. In the event that Extras are needed in the Steer Roping, those Extras shall first come from among the sleepers, and if additional Extras are needed, then from among those steers deemed acceptable for competition but not made part of the Herd. R3.3.4 Back to Back. All cattle in back-to-back pens must be competed on or exhibitioned. R3.3.3 Draw.



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