2019 PRCA Rule Book


R4.1 Timing of Competition on Stock.

R4.1.1 First Section of Event on a Program. No stock in any event, except for rerides or reruns, may be competed on before the first section of that event on the program, and no stock in that event can be held back for a contestant beyond the end of the event on the program for the performance (except for rerides or reruns). Any deviation from this rule may be authorized by a judge, if deemed necessary to prevent a production delay caused by a failure of equipment or breakdown in part of the facility. R4.1.2 Slack. In slack, no stock in any event may be competed on before that event is scheduled. All animals drawn for that event must be run as scheduled prior to the start of the next event. Likewise, no stock may be held beyond the end of the competition for that draw, or the end of the run in that event, as the case may be. R4.2.1 Contestant May Be Held Back. If a contestant is unable to compete at a rodeo due to sickness or injury, he may be held back until later in the go-round with the consent of both judges and Stock Contractor. If held back, contestant may not compete at any other rodeo until he has competed in the performance to which he was held back. R4.2.2 Timed Events. In the timed events, sick or injured contestants shall not be held back past the original end of the run on the cattle. If the timed events are back-to-back, no contestant may be held back due to injury beyond the end of the original pen in which he was drawn. R4.3 Announcement of Times or Markings. All times or markings, whether for performance or slack, shall be announced. Any announcement of times or markings shall be deemed unofficial until posted. The announcer must announce accurately the information received from the judges. If a judge makes a correction to a time or marking, the correction must be announced. Failure to announce corrected information shall constitute a Class I offense. R4.4.1 Seating for Contestants When Not Scheduled to Compete. If the management of a rodeo provides satisfactory seats for the contestants, the PRCA urges contestants to stay out of the arena when they are not scheduled to compete. R4.2 Inability of Contestant to Compete. R4.4 Location of Contestants During Rodeo.




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