2019 PRCA Rule Book

R4.4.2 Must Not Interfere With Press, Photographers, or Spectators. Contestants in the arena must not interfere with the work of bona fide press and professional photographers, or with the view of the spectators. The arena director or a judge may enforce this Rule and shall have the authority to require contestants to take any action necessary to eliminate such interference. R4.5.1 Participation by Members. The PRCA urges each Member to ride in the grand entry. R4.5.2 Ground Rules. Stock Contractors may request a Ground Rule that horses not be allowed to be led in the grand entry. This Ground Rule must be listed in the PRCA Business Section if approved. R4.6.1 Excluded From Arena If Not Pertinent to Rodeo. Contract acts not pertinent to a rodeo will be excluded from the arena. R4.6.2 Bullfights. No non-PRCA-sanctioned sponsored bullfight matches will be considered part of a PRCA rodeo, and participants shall not be covered by PRCAgroup accident insurance coverage. Regular fighting bulls put out during a performance are considered part of the rodeo. R4.7.1 Required Personnel. In order to participate as Contract Personnel in a PRCA-approved rodeo, an individual must be an Active Noncontestant Card Member-Contract Personnel and must be Financially Eligible at all times during the rodeo. A PRCA-approved rodeo is required to have at least two bullfighters and two pick-up men. For the purposes of this rule, a bullfighter will be considered to be an Active Member who meets the requirements of B2.5.5-B2.5.5.6 and has been hired for the rodeo for the protection of cowboy contestants during the bull riding event. More specifically, a Barrelman, a Clown, or any other active PRCA member will not be considered to be a bullfighter to satisfy the requirements of this rule. Only those persons who were specifically hired for and are actively engaged in cowboy protection bullfighting will be considered to meet the requirements of this rule. R4.7.2 Must Not Interfere With Competition. Contract Personnel shall not interfere with competition. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action. R4.7.3 Photographers. In selecting a photographer or photographers to cover a PRCA-approved rodeo, the Rodeo Committee should give first right of refusal to a Member Photographer or Photographers, where such Photographers have applied to cover the rodeo, before selecting non-Member photographers. This Rule shall not apply to photographers covering the rodeo for legitimate news purposes.

R4.5 Grand Entry and Parades.

R4.6 Contract Acts and Bullfights.

R4.7 Contract Personnel.



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