2019 PRCA Rule Book

B2.0.3 Consent to Use Name and Likeness. Any Member of the PRCA who enters or otherwise participates in a PRCA sanctioned event, any official or staff of the event, and all other persons admitted to the event shall, as a condition of and in consideration of participation, admission or other involvement therein, be deemed to consent to PRCA ownership of all rights in and to his or her appearance or other involvement therein. The PRCA shall have the right, and may permit others as it sees fit, to dispense, reproduce, and otherwise use any such person’s name, voice, likeness, biography, photograph and other pictures in connection with the advertisement and promotion of a PRCA-sanctioned event or the sport of rodeo. However, such advertisement and promotion shall not be made in conjunction with any statement constituting an endorsement by such person of any product or service, unless that person’s consent thereto is first obtained. A Member of the PRCA who participates in a PRCA-sanctioned event authorizes the PRCA to act in the Member’s behalf as well as in behalf of the PRCA in engaging in promotional activities relating to the conduct of the sport of rodeo. B2.0.4 No Power of Endorsement. No Member shall have any right or authority to grant an endorsement to any third-party on behalf of the PRCA. B2.0.5 Use of PRCA Logo by Members. Upon becoming an Active Member of the PRCA, a Member shall have a limited license to use the PRCA logo, a copy of which is illustrated on the front of this Rule Book, only to indicate that person’s membership in the PRCA. To that end, the PRCA logo may be used on the Member’s business cards and stationary letterhead; however, a Member may not use the PRCA logo or any other trademarks, trade names or logos of the PRCA in any other manner without the express written consent of the PRCA. This Bylaw shall not limit the requirements for Rodeo Committees set forth in Bylaw B10.7.14. B2.0.6 Advertising by Members. Garments, tack or gear advertising a commercial business, product, service or individual in an arena may only be worn or displayed by Members under guidelines approved by the PRCA Board of Directors.



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