2019 PRCA Rule Book

R4.8.7 Measuring Tape. The Stock Contractor or Rodeo Committee shall ensure that an adequate measuring tape shall be on hand for the barrier judge. R4.8.8 Length of Timed Event Box. Unless otherwise approved by the Director of Rodeo Administration, the box for each timed event must be at least 16 feet in length, and the boxes must be the same length. R4.9.1 Slack. Slack shall be produced under the same conditions as a paid performance. Stock Contractor may be reported for violation of this Rule at the discretion of the judge(s). First offense will constitute a warning; second and subsequent offenses will constitute a $250 fine for each offense. R4.9.2 Order of Performance. The order of performance events may not change once a go-round has started without the consent of the event representative, all judges and Rodeo Committee. If the events are changed and a contestant gets turned out because of the change, contestant should be assigned his original stock, if possible. R4.9.3 Events Held During The Performance. Unless otherwise approved by the Event Representative, all events must be held within the confines of time allowed during the regular performance for the presentation of PRCA events and must be listed on all materials presented to the general public which set forth the PRCA events to be held during the regular performance. The announcer may not dismiss the spectators at a PRCA-approved rodeo until all events listed on the program have been held, unless an event has been cancelled. R4.9.4 Barrel Racing. At rodeos where barrel racing is held, that event must be run after all PRCA timed events for a given performance or section of slack are completed, unless otherwise approved by the Director of Rodeo Administration. A Rodeo Committee agrees that, should the barrel race be approved to precede a PRCA timed event, the competition will be stopped and the arena reworked in a manner similar to arena preparation prior to the start of the performance or slack. R4.9.5 Contestant May Not Talk With Judge or Timer. No contestant may talk to a judge or Timer in any way while an event is going on. Questions may be addressed to a judge no sooner than at the end of the event for that performance or section of slack. Any contestant violating this regulation shall be reported to the PRCA National Office by the judges. R4.9.6 Steer Roping in a Different Arena. If approved by the Steer Roping Event Representative at the time of rodeo approval, steer roping may be held in a different arena in conjunction with a regularly scheduled rodeo, provided that a complete go-round is held in said arena during that regularly scheduled rodeo time.

R4.9 Slack and Events.



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