2019 PRCA Rule Book

R4.9.7 Vehicles Causing Ruts in Arena Ground. If a vehicle is to enter the rodeo arena either during or immediately prior to a performance or section of slack, thereby causing ruts to be left in the arena ground, either (i) the vehicle must enter the arena only after the steer wrestling is completed, or (ii) the arena ground must be re-prepared prior to the beginning of the steer wrestling competition. R4.9.8 No Bull Released. No bull shall be released from a bucking chute, back pen or let out gate without verbal approval of a rodeo judge or verbal notification by the chute boss to all in the arena by way of rodeo announcer’s public address system. Anyone failing to do so will be subject to a fine of $250 per incident to be levied to the Stock Contractor of record or chute boss of record. This shall include any bull which is released for the purpose of retrieving a bull that will not leave arena. Exemptions to this rule will include steers released to retrieve fighting bulls or bulls which escape from bucking chute by mechanical error. This rule shall be in effect from performance start time until 5 minutes following the final bull (bucking or fighting) exiting the arena. R4.9.9 Pulling Animal From Chute. A Stock Contractor may not use another animal or horse to pull any animal out of a bucking chute. Pulling an animal out of a chute will result in a fine of $500.00 per occurrence. Pulling an animal out of the chute for any reason deemed by judges to be in the interest of the animal’s or the contestants safety or physical welfare shall not be considered a violation of this Rule and must be approved by the judges at the time of occurrence. R4.10.1 Must Be Members. All PRCA-approved rodeos must use at least two Timers who are Members. R4.10.2 Timing. Two hand-held digital watches must be used in the timed events. One hand-held watch should be operated by each timer. All digits beyond tenths will be ignored. Official time shall be the average of the two times, ignoring any digit beyond the tenths. All times in the timed events are to be recorded in 10ths of a second. If one of the two Timers misses the start or stop or is delayed in starting or stopping the watch, or if the watch used by one Timer malfunctions, that Timer shall declare the problem to the other Timer and only the time recorded by the other Timer will be used. R4.10.3 Electronic Timers/Scoreboards. Any rodeo using electronic Timers for PRCA-approved events shall be required to use a minimum of two back-up hand-held stopwatches. R4.10.4 Positioning of Timers. Timers will work from the same location during all competition in PRCA events.

R4.10 Timers and Timing.




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