2019 PRCA Rule Book

R4.10.5 Changing Timers. Timers for a rodeo may not be changed after the first competition of a PRCA-approved rodeo, except for sickness or injury; by request of a PRCA official because of Timer’s incompetence; or through agreement of the Primary Stock Contractor, the Rodeo Committee and a PRCA official. Timer(s) who time first competition of a particular event must time that event for the duration of that rodeo. R4.10.6 Timing. Once a particular event has commenced, a timer may not perform any other duty except timing. Failure to comply will result in a $50 fine per occurrence. R4.11.1 Changing Judges. Neither the barrier judge, field flag judge nor the riding judge may be changed during the course of the rodeo, except in the case of sickness or by request of a PRCASupervisor of Rodeo Judges. R4.11.2 Markings. Markings in the riding events shall be totaled by both judges, verified by the Arena Secretary. Judges shall post the final scores after each performance. R4.11.3 Turn outs and Mount Outs. Judges are required to mark on their books anyone turning out stock, and which animals were mounted out in the riding events or run in the timed events. Judges shall report same, in full, to Arena Secretary. R4.11.4 Barrier Fines. Barrier judges shall keep a record of all barrier and field fines. They will be furnished a complete list of contestants by the Arena Secretary. Following each performance or section of slack, the barrier judges shall verify that the Arena Secretary has properly recorded the barrier and field fines. R4.11.5 Rule Infractions. Judges are to post Rule infractions for all Members in the Arena Secretary’s office, except for those infractions which take place during the last performance. No dismissal of violations will be allowed if the infraction is not posted. R4.11.6 Bull Riding. The judge on the latch side of the chute gate shall serve as a back-up Timer in the bull riding event. The judge’s stopwatch reading shall be used as a means of verification when the length of the qualified ride is in question. The judge shall stop his watch when, in his opinion, the contestant has been disqualified for any reason, or when he hears the whistle or horn, whichever comes first. In either instance, the judge will refer to his watch for a time verification on each ride. In any instance where the time is eight or more seconds on the judge’s watch, the contestant shall be entitled to a marking without penalty. In the instance the whistle blows before the eight seconds, the judge must go with the whistle. R4.11.7 Barrel Racing. In the event there is a PRCA approved barrel race included with the PRCA regular events, PRCA judges shall be required to flag said barrel racing and enforce all Rules pertaining to that competition according to the Rules of the sanctioning body for the barrel race.

R4.11 Judges and Judging .



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