2019 PRCA Rule Book

R4.11.8 Judge’s Decision Final. With respect to matters the authority over which has been specifically delegated to the judges by these Rules or the Bylaws, decisions of the judges will be final and may not subsequently be overturned by action of the PRCA, its officers or directors, or any other party, subject to the Grievance Procedure set forth in Chapter 12 of the Bylaws. Any judge, however, who does not perform his duties in compliance with these Rules, or who otherwise abuses his position, will be subject to disciplinary action by the PRCASupervisor of Rodeo Judges. Penalty for such improper conduct shall be a minimum fine equal to the judge’s pay for one performance of that rodeo and/or ineligibility to judge. R4.11.9 Authority to Have Interfering Individual Removed. A judge shall have the authority to request that any person be removed from the arena if that person, in the judge’s opinion, is interfering with the contest event. R4.11.10 Flag Horse. Stock Contractor is responsible for supplying rodeo judges with a gentle, broke, saddled, and warmed up flag horse prior to start of each performance and slack. Failure to supply flag horse will result in a $100.00 fine, doubling for each offense. R4.12 Timed Events. For purposes of these Rules and Bylaws, the term “head” used in the context of the number of competitions per contestant at a rodeo shall have the same meaning as a go-round (i.e., a “one-head timed event” shall have the same meaning as a “one-go-round timed event”). R4.13.1 Notification of Official Turn outs, Doctor Releases, and Draw outs. Arena Secretary shall be responsible for obtaining a list of official turn outs, doctor releases and draw outs no earlier than three hours prior to performance time. However, in the case of slack to be held in the morning, the list of official turn outs, doctor releases and draw outs must be obtained no later than 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time of the PRCA National Office business day preceding the day such slack is to be held. If a situation exists at a rodeo where the Arena Secretary is unable to call the Central Entry Office to obtain such a list, it will be the responsibility of one of the judges to contact the Central Entry Office to obtain such a list. R4.13.2 Non-PRCA Events. At PRCA-approved rodeos where non-PRCA events are held, the PRCA Arena Secretary shall not be required to assume the responsibility of handling any of the details necessary for the completion of those events. R4.13.3 Monies due the PRCA. Should the “For Secretary Use” sheet R4.13 Rodeo Proceedings and Results.

indicate that the Arena Secretary owes money to the PRCA, that money must be submitted to the PRCA postmarked no later than the first business day following the completion of the rodeo.




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