2019 PRCA Rule Book

R4.13.3.1Prize Money. Prize money is to be paid via RodeoPay. However, should the PRCA approve any prize money payment other than via RodeoPay, such must be paid by check and the Arena Secretary shall send all prize money checks not claimed at the rodeo and a copy of the check distribution sheet to the PRCA National Office postmarked no later than two days from the last performance, not including date of last performance. Contestant’s membership number must be on each prize money check sent to the PRCA National Office. Arena Secretary shall be fined $50 for failure to comply with this Bylaw. However, if a contestant has specified where he wants his money sent, Arena Secretary shall send the corresponding prize money to that address. R4.13.3.2No Deduction for Horse Percentage Money. Arena Secretaries shall not deduct any timed event/horse- percentage money from prize money checks. R4.13.4 Names of Personnel. Arena Secretaries are required to submit the names of the following for each rodeo: announcer, secretary, Timers, specialty acts, bullfighters, Barrelman, pickup men, Flankman and arena director (chute boss). No PRCA numbers are required. R4.13.5 Responsibility for Errors. Arena Secretary will be responsible for reviewing the individual rodeo results and correcting any errors before submitting said results to the PRCA National Office. R4.13.6 Membership Numbers. Arena Secretary shall be responsible for submitting correct Contestant Card Member, Permit Member or Life Member membership numbers and all other required information regarding entry status on all results forms submitted to the PRCA National Office. R4.13.7 Post Slack Order. The order of events for any session of slack shall be posted in the Arena Secretary’s office. R4.13.8 Post Stock Draw. The Arena Secretary shall post the stock draw for all events in the Arena Secretary’s office. R4.13.9 Times. All times for timed events shall be posted in the Arena Secretary’s office.



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