2019 PRCA Rule Book

R5.6.4 Determination of Average Placings. Average placings shall be determined by the highest total score (riding events) or the fastest total time (timed events) for those who received a score or a time, as the case may be, on livestock drawn for each go- round. When enough contestants do not receive a score or time, as the case may be, on all stock drawn for them equal to the number of places to be paid, revert to those contestants not already placing in the average who have competed in every go- round and who have the highest total score, or the fastest total time, on one less head of livestock than the number of go-rounds. This process shall be repeated until the number of contestants eligible for the payoff equals the number of average placings. If a contestant competes in all go-rounds but fails to receive a score or time, as the case may be, in one go-round, he shall not be eligible for the payoff in the average, unless no contestant has received a score or time, in which case the money shall be divided among all contestants who competed on all stock drawn for them. This money shall not count for Championship Points, but instead will be ground money. R5.6.5 Procedure When Too Few Contestants Compete. When fewer contestants have competed in each go-round, or fewer contestants have qualified on at least one head of stock, than the number of placings in the average, the prize money for the remaining places shall be divided evenly among those who do place in the average pursuant to Part R5.6.4. This money shall be considered ground money and will not be posted as Championship Points except in the bull riding (If a contestant makes a qualified ride). R5.6.6 Team Roping Teams Where Roper Has Been Replaced in Second or Subsequent Go-Rounds. A team roping team newly established in the second or subsequent go-rounds pursuant to Part R6.4.5 shall not be eligible for the average payoff. R5.6.7 Steer Roping in Different Arenas. Where the long go-rounds in the steer roping event take place in a different arena than the progressive and/or finals go-round(s), if it is necessary to play a placing in the average on fewer than the total number of head, those who qualified on all head in the long go-rounds would have priority over those who advanced to the progressive go-round with fewer qualified times than the number of long go- rounds.



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