2019 PRCA Rule Book

R5.7 Bull Riding Day-Money Payoff.

R5.7.1 Use of Day-Money System. The day-money system will be used, in the bull riding only, 1) at all rodeos with two or more performances, $300 or more added money and one go-round in the bull riding, and 2) at all rodeos with one go-round and a finals if a minimum of 60 contestants are utilized in performance competition prior to the finals in the bull riding. The day-money system may be used in the bull riding at rodeos with two or more go-rounds in the bull riding if such use of the day-money system has been approved by the bull riding Event Representative. Each contestant scheduled to compete during a paid performance must pay double entry fees; half of those fees being used for day money, and the other half being used, along with fees from contestants up during the slack, for the overall payoff. (At certain specified rodeos, this division of entry fees may be altered as so approved by the bull riding Event Representative.) Six percent will not be deducted from the funds used for day money. All bull riders making a qualified ride during a paid performance will be paid an equal share of the day money. Money won in the day money competition will count as Championship Points. The following guidelines shall be used: R5.7.1.1 Designated Performance Change. In the instance that a contestant’s designated performance changes due to injured livestock, contestant injury, rerides, etc., the portion of that contestant’s entry fee will remain in the performance in which that contestant was originally designated. R5.7.1.2 Contestants Scheduled in Slack. Contestants who are originally scheduled to compete in the slack shall not be eligible to compete for day money no matter where they complete competition. R5.7.1.3 No Qualified Rides . If no qualified rides are made during a paid performance, the total day money (less the deduction set forth in R5.7.1.1) for that performance will be added directly to the overall payoff. Six percent shall not be deducted from this money added to the overall payoff.At rodeoswithmore than one go-round where day money is involved in one or more of these go-rounds, should there be a given performance where no contestant makes a qualified ride, the day money for that performance will be added to the total amount paid in the average. R5.7.1.4 Payoff. Day-money checks shall be written at the end of each performance if the performance competition has been completed.




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