2019 PRCA Rule Book


R6.1 No Refund of Entry Fees Once a Contestant Has Competed. If a contestant has competed in an event once during a rodeo, that contestant’s entry fees for that event will not be returned. If said contestant is entered in other events in which he is unable to contest, the entry fees for those events must be returned. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a contestant is injured while competing in the first go-round of an event and has not been disqualified up to the point of injury, his entry fees will be refunded if a reride or rerun is due in that event. R6.2 Draw outs Due to Postponed Performances. Contestants will be permitted to draw out because of a postponed performance. R6.3 Riding Events. R6.3.1 Notification of Unavailability of Stock Drawn for Contestant at Time of Rodeo . If a riding event contestant arrives at a rodeo and the stock drawn for his first go-round competition is not available for competition for said contestant’s original position (up to and including the time the contestant asks for the animal to be released for competition), said contestant shall have the option of accepting the reride or receiving a refund of his entry fees. R6.3.2 Notification of Unavailability of Stock Drawn for Contestant

by the Central Entry Office . A riding event contestant who is notified by the Central Entry Office that his riding event draw will not be available at a rodeo may notify the Central Entry Office of his intention to accept the replacement animal or to draw out. This option shall not be available should the contestant be notified of a stock draw change when the Misdraw procedure is used. If a contestant has already notified the Central Entry Office of a turn out before he is informed by the Central Entry Office or another source that the animal he has drawn is not available, that contestant cannot void the turn out and change it to a draw out.




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