2019 PRCA Rule Book

R6.5.4 Eligible to Compete on Other Stock. If a contestant turns out in an event at a particular rodeo, he will still be eligible to compete on all other stock at that particular rodeo, unless he turns out in a go-round prior to a progressive go-round and/or finals go- round. (Refer to R6.5.3). However, no multi-event contestant may turn out in one event and compete in another in a given paid performance unless he is a non-notified turn-out in one event, in which case he may compete in another. R6.5.5 Turn out in Slack. A contestant turning out in one event in any given section of slack is eligible to compete on all other stock in that same section of slack. R6.6.1 Procedure. A contestant may turn out due to a visible injury or illness, provided notification of such a turn out is authorized by a judge at the given rodeo, or the contestant so notifies the Central Entry Office no later than three hours prior to the performance that he is turning out. In the case of a visible injury turn out to be authorized by a judge, the judge is to grant a visible injury release only if there is an obvious injury or illness; otherwise, the contestant must have a letter from a doctor verifying the injury or illness. In this instance, the contestant shall remain eligible to enter or compete in any PRCA rodeo following the performance which he has turned out because of a visible injury or illness. R6.6.2 Entry Fees, Turn out Fines and Mount Money. The entry fees of contestants turning out due to a visible injury or illness shall remain in the payoff. All turn out fines and mount money charges will be waived, provided the following conditions are met: A) A doctor verification form, or PRCA visible injury or illness form signed by the judge of a given rodeo, is received in the PRCA National Office no later than seven days following the last performance of the subject rodeo; and B) Entry fees not paid to the Arena Secretary are sent to the PRCA National Office in accordance with all applicable rules. R6.6.3 No Competition at Another Rodeo During the Same Time Period . If a contestant turns out of a performance or section of slack of a rodeo with a visible injury or illness, he may not compete in that event at another rodeo during that same time period. R6.6.4 Not Eligible for Average Payoff. A contestant turning out due to a visible injury or illness in an event will not be eligible for any average payoff in that event, except in the instance where every contestant in that event has turned out at least once. R6.6.5 Turn out Due To Visible Injury. Turn outs due to visible injury or illness will be counted as official rodeos. R6.7.1 Procedure. A contestant may doctor release, thus waiving all obligations for entry fees, turn out fines, and mount monies, provided:

R6.6 Turn out Due to Visible Injury or Illness.


R6.7 Doctor Release.



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