2019 PRCA Rule Book

A) Contestant has an injury or illness which prevents him from competing in one or more events for which he is entered at a rodeo; B) Contestant notifies the Central Entry Office of the intended doctor releases no later than three hours prior to the performance for which the contestant’s first go-round competition is scheduled (with contestant responsible for listing all rodeos in which he is scheduled to compete within the 4, 10-or 30-day ineligibility time period described below); and C) A medical doctor verification can only be submitted by a licensed medical doctor, physican’s assistant, nurse practitioner or any member of the sports medicine team at a rodeo. The doctor’s verification must be on the attending medical practitioner’s letterhead bearing the attending practitioner’s name, address and phone number signed by the attending licensed medical doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner or any member of the sports medicine team at a rodeo. This release is to be received by the PRCA National Office within seven days of the date of the last performance of the first rodeo for which the contestant doctor released. Failure to submit such a doctor’s verification will result in a fine equal to the entry fees for the event in question plus an additional $50. R6.7.2 Ineligibility Period. At the time a contestant doctor releases, he must indicate whether the mandatory ineligibility period shall last 4, 10 or 30 days. Ineligibility period shall begin the first day of competition after notification to the Central Entry Office of the intended doctor release and shall continue through the period of 4, 10 or 30 days following the first scheduled competition of the rodeo or rodeos for which the contestant doctor releases. During a Rodeo Year, a contestant may not designate more than two ineligibility periods which last less than 30 days. All subsequent ineligibility periods shall automatically last 30-days. R6.7.2.1 Ground Rule for Mandatory Ineligibility Period. A rodeo (or an Event Representative on behalf of the rodeo) where a special Ground Rule has been approved for a “No Doctor Release” may apply for a special Ground Rule imposing a minimum number of days that a contestant must be ineligible should a contestant doctor release after a specified deadline. R6.7.2.2 Competing While Ineligible. A contestant who

competes in an event at a rodeo while ineligible due to a doctor’s release in that event will forfeit any money, points or awards won at the rodeo in which he competed while ineligible and will be fined $500 per rodeo competed in while ineligible.



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