2019 PRCA Rule Book

B2.2.2 Renewal of Membership. All Members renewing their membership must submit to the PRCA National Office a signed PRCA membership renewal form within 30 calendar days from the date membership renewal payment is received by the PRCA National Office. Failure to submit a signed PRCA membership renewal form by the prescribed deadline will result in immediate ineligibility upon the expiration of the 30-day submission period. Circuit designation must be indicated on the renewal form in accordance with Section B9.3. All membership dues and fees for a Dues Paying Year shall be payable on or before December 31 of the preceding year, said dues and fees to be for the Dues Paying Year that follows. To enter any rodeo, contestants must further comply with any and all Dues Paying requirements set forth in the Official Rodeo Rules. B2.3.1 Requirements to Become Contestant Card Member. An applicant desiring to become a Contestant Card Member must first become a Permit Member and fill a permit by earning at least $1,000 at PRCA-sanctioned rodeos in an unlimited number of PRCA Rodeo Years. Bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, bull riding and tie-down roping Day-Money will be counted toward filling a permit. Upon meeting this requirement, a Permit Member must apply to become a Contestant Card Member according to the terms described in Section B2.3.5 below in order to obtain Contestant Card Member status. B2.3.2 Compliance with Rules and Bylaws. All Permit Members shall agree to be bound by and conduct themselves in accordance with these Bylaws and Official Rodeo Rules. B2.3.3 Dues and Fees. Annual Permit Member dues will be $120 plus the required premium for membership group accident insurance coverage. B2.3.4 Notification and Election of Contestant Card Member Status. A Permit Member will receive notification from the PRCA Office by first-class mail, fax, email, text message or other form of communication, when he has satisfied the requirements to become a Contestant Card Member. Permit Member may elect to continue to contest either on his permit for the remainder of that dues-paying year or he may apply for Contestant Card Member status. However, if the Permit Member elects to continue to contest as a Permit Member for the remainder of the Dues Paying Year, he will be limited to enter rodeos that accept permits in his particular event and will not be eligible to qualify for the National Finals Rodeo.

B2.3 Permit Members.



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