2019 PRCA Rule Book

B2.5.1.5 Working at CPRA Rodeos. In connection with each CPRA-sanctioned rodeo worked by a PRCA Member Arena Secretary, Clown/Barrelman, Bullfighter, Announcer, Pickup Man or Specialty Act, such Member shall be billed by the PRCA a $10 insurance fee. The insurance fee will revert to the PRCA National Office to subsidize the membership accident insurance program and shall be in addition to the required premium for membership group accident insurance coverage. No Member shall pay more than one such $10 insurance fee for each CPRA-sanctioned rodeo in which he participates. B2.5.1.6 Minimum Rodeo and Performance Requirements. For purposes of the minimum rodeo and performance requirements referenced throughout the Rulebook for Contract Personnel, rodeos at which a Contract Personnel Member works only in a slack shall not count toward the minimum requirements. B2.5.1.7 Contract Personnel Member on Probation. A Contract Personnel member that is on probation should not be considered as an Active Member and should not be eligible to work Special Events, including, but not limited to: Circuit Finals Rodeos, National Circuit Finals, National Circuit Steer Roping Finals, tour finales, All American Series finals, NFR and National Steer Roping Finals. B2.5.1.8 Contract Personnel Must Sign In. All Contract Personnelmust physicallysign inwith the rodeosecretary acknowledging their participation in each rodeo they will be working no later than the last performance. If in the case of replacing someone that is injured during the rodeo, the Contract Personnel member that is to be the replacement and will be working the rodeo must sign in with the rodeo secretary before the last performance. Failure to sign in with the rodeo secretary prior to the last performance will result in $25.00 fine.




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