2019 PRCA Rule Book

B2.5.2 Arena Secretaries.

B2.5.2.1 Dues and Fees. Annual dues will be $200 plus the required premium for membership group accident insurance coverage. New Arena Secretary applicants must complete all requirements of a PRCA training session prior to approval for Noncontestant Card Member status. Only those new applicants with a letter of recommendation from a PRCA Stock Contractor and a PRCA secretary and who have worked a minimum of ten rodeos in the prior two years as a PRCA Timer will be accepted into a PRCA training session. A new Arena Secretary applicant who completes the PRCA training session and successfully passes all required tests will be issued a probationary membership card good for three rodeos. The three rodeos must be completed within one year. Upon the completion of the three rodeos that meet the professional standards of the PRCA, the applicant’s status will be changed from probationary to full membership. B2.5.2.2 Insurance Fee. Arena Secretaries shall be subject to the insurance fee as set forth in Section B2.5.1.3. B2.5.3 Timers. Annual dues for Timers will be $45, plus the required premium for the membership group accident insurance. New applicants must intern at a minimum of five performances at a minimum of two rodeos. Internship is at new Timer’s own expense. Timers must have their own equipment, including without limitation: watches (digital and sweep hand), a whistle, and black and/or blue pens for posting. New Timers will be evaluated on the following: (A) Timing accuracy; watching flag to flag; (B) knowledge of PRCA Rulebook and Timer’s Handbook; (C) knowledge of what information needs to be posted, where it needs to be posted and correct posting procedures; (D) familiarity with both timed event and riding event (when needed) drawing procedures; (E) legibility of handwriting when posting; (F) ability to use electronic timing equipment accurately; (G) professionalism in appearance (H) willingness to follow instructions and courtesy to co-workers. The New Timer Evaluation form provided by the PRCA must be signed by one Judge, one Timer and one Secretary at each rodeo. Originals will be mailed to Member Records by the Rodeo Secretary. Copies of the New Timer Evaluation form will be made for the New Timer applicant to attach to the application. After completion of the internship, the Director of Rodeo Administration will examine the New Timer Evaluations to accept or deny the Timer membership application.



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