2019 PRCA Rule Book

B2.5.5.5 Requirements to Become a Full Bullfighter. Surveys sent to the 5 PRCA rodeos completed by applicant will serve as the applicant’s review for a permanent membership card. The Contract Personnel Executive Council will review the surveys after the 5 PRCA rodeos and vote on full membership status of the applicant, with a simple majority vote determining if membership is approved or denied. B2.5.6.1 Dues and Fees. Annual dues, fees, and insurance premiums shall be the same as for Contestant Card Members. B2.5.6.2 Insurance Fee. Announcers shall be subject to the insurance fee as set forth in Section B2.5.1.3. B2.5.6.3 Application. Applicants for Noncontestant Card Member-Announcer status must submit a completed PRCAapplication to the PRCA. ProspectiveAnnouncers must be reviewed and approved by the PRCA before the applicant will be considered for membership. A non- refundable $500 fee must be submitted to the PRCA with the membership application to defray the costs of the review. If approved, and if all other membership requirements are satisfied, an announcer applicant will be granted First-Year Announcer status. B2.5.6.4 Attend Judging Seminar. All new announcers who work PRCA-sanctioned rodeos or events must attend one of the annual judge’s seminars within one year of their first year of membership. B2.5.6.5 Requirements to Become a Full Announcer. New announcers will become full announcers after the first Dues Paying Year. B2.5.7 Labor. Annual dues will be $200 plus the required premium for membership group accident insurance coverage. New applicants must submit a notarized application which has been signed by a Stock Contractor or Probationary Stock Contractor before Noncontestant Card Membership can be issued. B2.5.7.1 Chute Bosses, Flankmen. Chute bosses, Flankmen must be Card Members, Permit Members or Active Life Members. Any pickup man who has worked a circuit finals, NCFR, NFR or is circuit finals eligible (according to B14.4.4) for the 2018 season will be granted a PRCA Noncontestant Card Member-pickup man status. B2.5.8.1 Dues and Fees. Annual dues, fees and insurance premiums for a permit will be $250. B2.5.6 Announcers. B2.5.8 Pickup Men




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