2019 PRCA Rule Book

B2.5.8.2 Application. Applicants for Noncontestant Permit Member-pickup man status must submit a completed application to the PRCA. Two signatures must accompany the application; one from a current PRCA Stock Contractor and one from a pickup man who has worked NFR, NFSR, NCFR or a circuit finals. B2.5.8.3 Minimum Contracts. Permit applicant must provide a list of 5 PRCA rodeos for evaluation. The applicant will work on that permit, for up to 5 PRCA events. The evaluation will be completed by a saddle bronc or bareback contestant event representative (or someone of their designation). However, the contestant event representative will physically sign off on the evaluation. If for any reason the contestant event representative (or his designee) does not evaluate the permit pickup man within the 5 given rodeos, they may reapply for another permit which gives them an additional 5 rodeos (at no additional cost). B2.5.8.4 Requirements to Become a Pickup Man. Upon evaluation and approval by the contestant event representative, applicant may submit for a non-contestant pickup man card at the cost of $500. If the permit was purchased within the same rodeo season, they will pay the difference for the card. If they do not have a successful evaluation, the permit will be immediately revoked and that person cannot pickup at any other PRCA event following the rodeo in which they are evaluated. They may re- apply in one calendar year and pay all applicable fees to begin the process again. B2.5.8.5 Insurance Fee. Pick-up men shall be subject to the insurance fee as set forth in Section B1.5.1.3. B2.5.8.6 Special Event Eligibility. A permit member may not apply or work any type of finals rodeo until evaluated, approved and purchased a card. B2.5.8.7 Emergency Procedures. In the event that a pick up man gets injured at a rodeo, the stock contractor has one performance which can be deemed an emergency. By the second performance held during that rodeo, they must hire a replacement pickup man with a PRCA card. Failure to do so will be $250 fine per performance, doubling with each occurrence. B2.5.9.1 Dues and Fees. Annual dues, fees and insurance premiums shall be the same as for Contestant Card Members. B2.5.9.2 Insurance Fee. Photographers shall be subject to the insurance fee as set forth in Section B2.5.1.3.

B2.5.9 Arena Photographers.



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